Dome Construction & Installation
A very large truck delivered a very large crate containing the parts for two Technical Innovations PD-10 domes.
Both domes were first assembled in my garage in SoCal before being dismantled and trailered out to ASV.
My wife, Nina Mae, and daughter Isabelle, were very supportive while this part of the project came together.
On site at ASV re-assembly began.Thanks to great support from Jim Janusz & locals Ray & Dori Brooks
Fiberglass pieces start to look like domes.
Dori & Ray pose as Jim keeps bolting sections together.
Jack Newton & I working on the West dome.
Assembly complete and now now the first dome is being raised into place.
Jack & I await arrival of the first dome.
Now the second dome is being moved into position.
There was only one way to get the domes up there.
The second dome arrives.
Both domes secured and so time to install the shutters.
The Sun goes down on a hard days work.
This project would not have been possible without help from many good friends.

From left to right:
Phillip Hart, crane operator and electrical hook-ups, Rick Beno & dogs Mizar and Castor, (myself), Alice & Jack Newton, Jim Janusz, Fred Espenak (& wife Pat who is behind the camera taking this photo),  & Jim Algots.

Thanks also to
Ray & Dori Brooks for all their hard work earlier in the day.

Plus an additional special mention for
Rick Beno & Jim Algots, who labored hard to help mix & pour 24 bags of concrete to finish off the piers, as well as their on-going local support to assist with any maintenance needed at CCCO.

Last but not least, this project would never have been possible without the continued efforts, support, and technical inputs at all stages of the project from my good friend (and current user of the West dome),
Jim Janusz.